Saturday, 17 October 2009

Rikki Loney at the Judges House

Our Intrepid Scottish hero having braved a throat infection to qualify from Boot Camp departed the shores of Britain in his quest for stardom.

His destination was the exotic desert kingdom of Morocco. His Mission to persuade the newly crowned Queen of X-Factor Cheryl Cole that he was the one to lead her category to victory in the X-Factor.

Cheryl was holding court in Marrakesh where six young lads were doing their best to persuade her they were the right choice for the X-Factor finals and Rikki was up to this point just one of the contestants.

His weapon of choice a ill-fitting trilby and a rendition of James Taylor's - You`ve Got A Friend (Buy MP3 now)

I thought it was distinctly average, but her Majesty not-so-old Queen Cole was impressed and that's what mattered Rikki was on his way to the Finals.

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